What is PLCSC?

PLC Short Course (PLCSC) is designed to provide skills in the application and operation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) covering terms associated with PLC’s. It is an electronics device which is used for automation purpose's. PLCSC will provide knowledge and fundamentals skills such as a program that engaged in the automatic control . This course can make yourself able to design a program based on the training and projects provided.

The PLCSC will be conducted in three different courses as follows:

Basic PLC:

This is an introductory course covering overview of PLCs, PLC programming using basic functions (e.g. relay, counter, timer etc.) and followed by some simple projects.The course aims for the beginners who want to know the basic operation of PLC.

Intermediate PLC:

This course includes extended programming and commands in PLC such as the shift register, DIFU/A, KEEP, ADD, SUB, Function Block etc. Typical industrial applications such as keypad inputs, barcode reader and scanner, will be integrated in the hands on session of this course. 

Advance PLC:

This course will cover the advance features of the PLC such the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and the realisation of the LAN/wireless networking of the PLC control. Some working projects will be included in this course.

Calling for the Next Event!

Course name: Series 1 - Basic PLC

Important Dates :

Last date for receipt of registration :

28 October 2015 The new date will be informed

Course dates :

2 and 3 November 2015 The new date will be informed


Mechatronics Lab, FKE, UTM